Scam report about Julia Valyaeva

First name:  Julia
Last name:  Valyaeva
Aka:  Kamilla Vlasova
Age:  29
Location:  Ukraine,Kiev
Address:  114 Krasnoarmeyskaya Str. #136
Phone:  011380506813464
Email:  Hugofsun/lfresiya both at Yahoo and both deleted
On websites:
Report:  I met Julia on Face party in Janurary 2006 I liked what she wrote in her profile here and several other sites.We wrote for 7 month's until my visit in July of 2006.When I was there all was well during my visit and nothing seemed out of the ordinary except she always wanted expensive gift's like a cell phone computer and the best restaurant's in town.I paid for private lessons after my return and until my visit throught this club plus translation's for her.After my return home I was sending her a substantsial amount of cash every week.Now this lady told me she was through with this club however it turn's out her and one of her bitch friend's Katerina who is also a manager there were writing several men who were also paying for lesson's and translations plus gift's for her.Then in May of this year another guy made a report on her on another site saying he was there to visit her in Janurary well so much for the word's of love and wanting to be with me.I was dumb enough to keep writing her and for her mother's birthday on June 6th I sent her flower's and $180 dollar's to take her whole family out for a nice dinner.She is a pro-dater and gold digger in the worse way I also paid for expensive dental work for her while in Kiev and will include a letter requesting more money for more plus letter's for money all along for warm winter coats and Victorias secret plus all kind's of expensive gift's.She is real and broke it off with me when it was getting very serious.This Ukraine-club and go-to-ukraine are one in the same owned by a Vasiliy Prokopchuk also implicated in this is a Yaroslav Kruts he picks up all the western union's and everybody else at this scam central business she hurt me very badly I have already filed charges in Kiev so I will have to wait for it to go before the civil court.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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