SCAM REPORT ABOUT  elena setvina

First name: elena
Last name: setvina
Age: 27
Location: Russia - Zvenigovo
Phone: she claims no's ridiculous,everybody has a phone and 80% has cell phones!!!
Report:     She find my e-mail and she was immediately very intersted in me.According to her 4-5 letters she fell in love with me!!!she want to be with me as soon as possible,she sent me pictures, but I think she never read attentive my letters.I ask her many questions but she answer only for 7% of them,and I think she was using pre-written letters,because she was busy to send letters for many guys in USA,Australia and Canada,and in many of them I saw,she asks for money and she answer to everybody ,she has no phone!(I search at: Avoid International Dating Scams,and I found she claims no phone and she asks for money ,visa,travel scam!!!!She is using 3 different e-mail , and and she's sending letters every day in different places using different e-mails.She never ask me directely for money,but she tries to impress me she's poor and she has no money,but she wants to come here),When I told her I want to go in Russia to see her,I ask for address,phone etc. she didn't answer to my questions,writing me how much she loves me!Few days ago I found her profile,with her picture=SCAMMER!!!She's nice girl,but be careful,SHE
Status of report: is still without proof