SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Shulepova Darya Andreevna

First name: Shulepova Darya
Last name: Andreevna
Age: 27
Location: Russia, Zvenigovo
Address: Soviet street, House no 57, appartment 60, index 425060
On websites:
Report:     Her first letter to me was on date 3th Nov 2007 via replying she wrote to me in the following date, telling me that she is looking the man to make family with, have children, etc. And that she has lost hope from Russian men because all men in Russia drink too much alcohol and use drugs.So she needs a serious man to make the rest of her life with. I was also searching for serious lady to make life with.So i agree to start relationship.I suspected her of being one of the scammer after being dorging answering my questions. And everyday she improves her language. She started with a very poor english language, she is pretending so. She claim to have been brought up from a very poor family so that she does not like to see her kids experiencing the same kind of life. Also that she is a waitress and she is working in very terrible condition. I have exchanged with her 10 letters up to now. She sent to me 6 photos, one of which i have seen in this site. exactly the same photo. I sent to her 3 photos. The way she express herself makes someone with a reasonable humanity to make a great considerations about her. She has not yet asked me about money.
Status of report: is still without proof