Scam report about Diana Marie Ilie

First name:  Diana Marie
Last name:  Ilie
Age:  31
Location:  Straubing, Germany, Romania
Phone:  +4915116682611
On websites:  Sentimente
Report:  Well, here is self confession (her website is included). She is married and never once alerted me to that fact. She knows I only speak English. We talked for near 2 weeks, then when her phone went dead and I offered send her a new one, she got all pissed and said send her money and she buy it. I told her I do not do that and she really got pissed. Now I am the one who scams? LOLs well reggy if u would be a good sacmhunter u would see at once in my desciption that i wrote: bin verheiratet, that s german and means im married!!!!! u started to talk with me i guess u are in war with all pretty womans from datingsites but don t know why. let me tell u that u want too much with ur mails. i knew all the time that u play with me only for to proove yourself that all womans from other countries are scammers. but who is the scammer? think about

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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