SCAM REPORT ABOUT  michele bello dede

First name: michele
Last name: bello dede
Age: 30
Location: nigeria
Address: 432 dende street lagos i land lagos state nigeria 23401
Phone: 2348024586744
On websites: lava life
Report:     hello id like to report a scammer she is already listed on i meet this girl named michele on lava life over 12 months ago she seemed very keen and interested in me i kept talking to her for months and it seemed she wanted to come and see me she told me she loved me and wanted to come to australia to be with me as such she also told me she was born in australia and was from brisbane and was just visiting her mother in nigeria she also told me her mother was nigerian and her fatther was an australian but he passed away five years ago so she says anyway much to my stupidity when she asked for money to fly to me i obliged not thinking anything was suspicious well when she was supposedly to fly out to me i get a email telling me her mother is realy sick and in hospital and needs a operation but needs to pay for it before they can operate so she says she has to use the money i sent her so then when i talk to her again she still tells me she loves me and wants to come to me so stupidly again i send her about 3000 dollars more of my money this time before shes due to fly to me i get a mesage from an apparent friend telling me she has been in a car accident and is prity badly hurt in hospital and once again needs to use the money for her operation thus my moneys gone again so stupidly when i did talk to her again i promised to send her the money again for her flight she agreed and told me she couldnt wait to see me then when she was due to fly to me i get a message that her best friend is getting married and wants her to be the brides maid at her wedding so can i wait for another month as the wedding was 3 days before her flight to me was supposed to leave no money was sent this time but a day before she was due to fly to me i get another message telling me her friends who were getting married had been in a car accident and she had to stay there and help them out what a load of garbage anyway she said it will be another month before she can come so i waited she sent me her fake flight details told me she couldnt wait to see me then when it came time for her to fly to me 3 days before she emails me telling me her mothers store has been burnt down and she cant leave her mum all alone so i had enough i did some checking i registered at and found her profile all over this site and i must thank for saving my ass as i could have lost so much more money as this girl made me fall in love with her she told me everything i wanted to hear and in the end she was just another scammer i lost a total of 10 thousand dollars to this woman i feel like a real idiot for falling for this scam but ive learned my lesson now but i think she isnt working alone so if you come accross her avoid her at all cost shes bad news
Status of report: is still without proof