SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Elena Laevskaya

First name: Elena
Last name: Laevskaya
Aka: Elena Guslyarova
Age: 33
Location: Meadville, PA, U.S.A. - Russia, Moscow area City of Podolsk
Address: Index 142100,Street Matrosskaya, House 21/30, Apt. 8
On websites: Yahoo Personals
Report:     She first contacted me as Elena Guslyarova, but her profile had been pulled by yahoo so I did not respond. Two hours later she contacted me as Elena Michkova (? E-mail Address). Her profile seemed nice enough (Meadville PA USA)so I did a search and got no results so I wrote to her. In her third letter she asked of the weather in my area (Meadville is only 30 miles away). I became really suspicious as she was not answering my questions. So I did a Yahoo Personals search using her profile as a guide and got back a Tatyana from Hershey, PA age 33 eccept for these changes the profile was the same word for word. So I reported them to Yahoo and they were pulled for review. By her 5th letter she was in love and shortly after ask for 420$ for her visa (B2), I asked for her bank info and she said to send it Western Union under the name Elena Guslyarova. New name another search and I found this site. I did get 12 photos so far, I sent in a report to the FBI IC3 have not heard back other than a complaint id#. I did not send any money never planned too, not sure if the FBI can do anything since I didnt.
Status of report: is still without proof