First name: Lisa
Last name: Jarbore
Age: 45
Location: she say she from Houston Texas, but in Nigeria State Abuja
On websites:
Report:     She say she from Houston Texas, self employed working in Africa..Meet her on… First time on messenger she ask me to send her $550.00 for hotel and food stuff, and ask to send it through moneygram…I ask if she had a credit card,, she said she forgot it back in the States…I ask her if anyone in the States could wire her money, she said no can wire money bank here different, but it would be ok for me to do so..Then ask her if she had a any checks, she said yes cashier’s checks, but bank won’t take them because of poor banking system…I ask her if I will get my money back and she said when I get home, but that could be a while don’t have to money to get home, but when business gets better I come home and send u money… So I, I ask where I send money to, she give me address, than I told her my bank will send the money to that address, and send out a personal letter to ur address in the States, when u get home u sign the for it and it will have information where u can put the money back into my account… She said ok I e-mail u my address in the States… Never heard back from her…
Status of report: is still without proof