SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Natalia Ershowa

First name: Natalia
Last name: Ershowa
Aka: Natalka
Age: 30
Location: Russia, Samara
On websites: Yahoo Personals
Report:     She introduced herself as Natalka and she loves long e-mails. After 4-5 emails she will be in love with you and will start with the sweet talks about family etc. Starting with 'Privet something(dear,babe,baby,sweetheart etc' . The first ine in her first e-mail to me was : 'Let's be realists, I understand that you receive letters from many beautiful women, of course if this would be a matter of my will I would block your mailbox and you would receive only my letters and you wouldn't have other choice as to get married with me)))) of course I am just kidding, but we all know that there is a part of truth in any joke' Believe me she is not kidding. Will want to marry you just after few e-mails and you will the man of her dreams. She wanted me to pay her for a visa and a ticket by western union. Total 2k. Be careful! Keep some of the emails but the money talks were on the phone. After more questions from my side, she changed the number and stopped emailing me.
Status of report: is still without proof