Scam report about Tina Brown

First name:  Tina
Last name:  Brown
Age:  32
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Address:  10 Adegoke street. Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria 23401
Phone:  2348026548996
On websites:  e-harmony,
Report:  this woman contacted me on eharmony and we exchanged email addresses. stated she wants to meet me in 3 days, this wednesday and she is online booking her airline ticket on KLM to come to me. a few minutes later she said she will be coming friday and is sending me the ticket itinery as proof that she is not lying. I asked her how is she paying for it she said cash at the ticket counter. when i looked at the ticket itinery she email mail it was for $6021US. She told me she had only $3300 and wanted to know if i could send her $2712 to cover the rest of the ticket. she needed to get the money by tuesday. She told me that i can track it or call KLM to confirm it. Wow these women are dangerous. We just met and already she is booking a ticket to come and for me to send her $2712, supposed she decided not to, i am left in the cold.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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