SCAM REPORT ABOUT  nana buabeny

First name: nana
Last name: buabeny
Age: told me 29 yrs old?
Location: accura,ghana
Phone: 233246946136
On websites: yahoo
Report:     i first had contact with her on black and she asked if i had yahoo IM and i said yes. we chatted for a few months. she then said she needed money for doctor bills($150) and i sent it. then she started telling me she loved me. then more request for money. internet bill($200) i sent it then all of the sudden her father had died had left her an inheritance and needed money to obtain legal documents. then she started telling me she loved me hundreds of time so i was hesitating then had someone more fluent in english to be her mom. iask to be payed back and they said in 2 wks. and that didnt happen.($500) she then told me that her and her mom had to travel to get legal documents and would be gone for 2 days. then she talked about gold that her father had left for her in storage but she needed 21,600 dollars to get it. so i decided to see if if she would take a smaller amount and she said anything would help. she then gave my ph# to this man named john koffy from confidently security trust co. he called 26 times wanting me to give him the money.. i have not spoken to either him or her since. 1 other thing the ph# of her partner is 233249955793 or 233246528801 or233245505616 i stand to be corrected this john koffy called 72 times
Status of report: is still without proof