First name: Hannah
Last name: Mensah
Age: 23
Location: Tottenharm,London (AT&T)could not find such location
Report:     Thank God for this web site!! Hannah contacted me about 4days ago through her e-mail.said I look like an honest man,very sencere and pieceful.said my picture's were gorgeous,told me yesterday 11-25-07,she is very interested in us getting to know each other,she wrote saying,she lives with her Uncle,Father passed away,she is a student,and her Mom is in Africa.We have became very close,I told her I would be on vacation soon,she agreed she would be more than happy to fly from London to California and stay two weeks with me.When we wrote today,she came up with a story that her mom is in Africa,she will be leaving this Wed 11-28-07 to Africa,because her Mom is sick.She said she would stay in Africa,waiting until next month,to fly out of Africa and come to California.I agreed in sending her $300.00 to pay for a VISA,which I had no problem sending,UNTIL NOW!,needing the money by this Thu 11-29-07.What blow's me away is,I called London and spoke with her,I called to make sure this person was not a scammer,then the picture's she sent me,show up on this site!!!,under SCAMMER'S.
Status of report: is still without proof