Scam report about Janet Adu

First name:  Janet
Last name:  Adu
Age:  about 32 she claims
Location:  Accra, Ghana.
Phone:  +233273047589 mothers phone
On websites:
Report:  Claims that she is from Lieberia but had move to Accra with her mother because her father died in the war. She tells you that she is new to computer only for 3 or 4 months. She will tell that god have answer her praier meeting you on internet like this. She will give you much and more then much love and kisses and tell you how much she loves you. Soon she will begin to beg for money not direct, but she can say that she dont have so much money and that life is hard. So at first her problem may be related to the internet connections that she suddenly can loose and you cant stay i connected with eachother if you dont want to help her with some money. She claims to work everyday at her mums shop on a mall, but the shop is not going well at the time, that is also a escuse to beg for money to help her. She claims that she will come to you as soon as possible to make a family with you, grow olsd together. She suddenly claims that her mother have two bags of gold that she will bring with her when she move to be togheter with you, for good start in life as she claims. She say she cant use the money in Africa because gold isnt worth so much there. When you have been in contact for about one month and so, she will be more and more in love with you and tell you that she cant live with out you and cant sleep in the nights because she misses you so much. She will ask you for a solutions on what to do. And all the time it is money she will ask you for, if it is for travelling to you or if it for other things she want you to help her with. If you dont pay her she wil ask you if you dont trust her and she will be in a bad mood for a little time and then say dont worry its ok i understand. She will play on your feelings and make you haveing a bad consius. She will have many picture of her self for you they are very nice but think about it to perfect, no other people in and always at a photographer. I have asked her for real photos but did newer get any. And thn she brake it of. She will also use her mother when she is in hospital and taking a operation for maybe a heart problem, and they have no money to pay the operations. The mother will get the operations but cant as Janet tell me not leave hospital before she has payed the bill for the operations, stranges newer heard about suche practice. If you dont help her with paying she will find a solutions and the mother will come out and after about a week home she will be totaly well???

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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