SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Stephen Wesongo

First name: Stephen
Last name: Wesongo
Age: 35
Location: South Africa - Ghana
Address: 23 Presby Church Cresent
On websites:
Report:     Just like Spencer, she tries to come over to you. You have to send her money (€ 2350) for her flight to Europe through Western Union. She claims to be a humanitarian. Indeed, in Tamale it is full of humanitarian people. Because she works for free, she does not have any money, can't even show documents. Refuse to send pictures. She send me her passport with treatment. The picture is different than Spencers'. I knew from in the beginning she is not real, asked Webmmaster from to be remove and they did. I am mailing her now for 2 weeks and she starts to getting angry. As the attitude of her profile showen on
Status of report: is still without proof