Scam report about Herminia Surtida Fernandez

First name:  Herminia Surtida
Last name:  Fernandez
Aka:  Hermz, Hermie, Mie
Age:  32
Location:  Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte 7112 Philippines
Address:  Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte 7112 Philippines
Phone:  639183406739, 639069380332, 639267742450
Email: Yahoo screen name: her_surfer
Report:  I'm a 56 year old American male who met Herminia Surtida Fernandez (Filipina) on July 4th 2007 on Yahoo chat with cam and headset. One week or so after chatting with Herminia, her niece Annielyn Mae Fernandez came on Herminia's Yahoo screen name with no cam or headset, informing me that Herminia had a heart attack cause by mitral valve prolapse, and was in the hospital in need of emergency heart surgery. The niece informed me that Herminia had no medical insurance or money to pay for the heart surgery. So, niece Annielyn Mae asked me to please help her auntie pay for the surgery, because the hospital would not opperate without payment. So, I felt bad and paid for the medical bills for Herminia's surgery. Than, after Herminia got out of the hospital, the same day she got out from her heart surgery, she got right on the Yahoo messenger and chatted with cam, and headset with. We chatted for about one half hour and I was told later by the niece that Herminia's electric power went out, and that Herminia had another heart attack because I had gotten Herminia upset and did damage to the surgery. So, the niece came on Yahoo messenger again and asked me please to help pay for Herminia's second mitral valve prolapse heart surgery. So, I paid again all of Herminia's medical bills for both first and second heart surgeries. I paid for all of Herminia's rent, utilities, food, four bags of blood for the surgery, everything. I also paid for a new cellphone that she claimed that she dropped while we were on line together, and I stepped away from the computer and came back with Herminia holding the cell phone in one hand and the front cover in the other hand. I paid for eyeglasses, tennis racket, and scientific calculator along with sending her to St. Joseph's college for business administration. I paid six months in advance $3,000 for a wedding planned for us to be married in May 2008, plus the wedding dress in the amount of $700. A total of about $5,000 was paid out to Herminia Surtida Fernandez over a time period of four months. Well, I had asked Herminia to scan and send me copies of the wedding receipts, She offered to show me a copy of her deceased husbands death certificate and a photo of her surgery scar. Herminia said that she cannot fake the scar and that

Status of report:  is still without proof

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