SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Elizaveta Vasilieva

First name: Elizaveta
Last name: Vasilieva
Age: 23
Location: Ukraina Nadvirna or Kiev/Ivano-Frankivska region
Address: Nezalezhna,15 street
Phone: +380633718537
On websites:
Report:     nicname white-lily Honey, I don't know, may be it will surprise you, but 1800 hrivnas for me are really big money, as my mother's payment is 500 per month, and father's 650! And as for me, everything I have is my grant at the university 80 hrivnas per month, so think how could I afford to come to you by myself or even with a help of my parents!!! I just want you to understand that the case I need your support is not because I want to have some profit from you or scam you, as you said! I just don't have another choice now! And do you think it is pleasant for me to ask you for this or top read about your distrust to me??? It's very unpleasant and everything I wanted to be with the man, I have chosen, the man I fall in love ! That's all!!! Is it a crime??? Or what do you think about me??? So, I just wanted to tell you that the way you are not sure in me, in your feelings to me, you shouldn't help me, of course! May be you would find rich girl who would travel to you by herself, but you know who I am and you know my situation and there is no another way for me to come to you without your help, honey! Anyway, whatever you will decide, you have to know that I love you sincerely, with all my heart and you will be always in my dream like the best man I ever met!!!
Status of report: is still without proof