Scam report about Kate Smolarek

First name:  Kate
Last name:  Smolarek
Age:  27
Location:  Claims from Houston now in Victoria BC Canada
On websites:
Report:  How I describe myself: I'm Kate smolarek by name and i was born in Houston Texas.My parents seperated from each other when i was 22 and since then i have been living with my mom.My dad married another wife and he left me for my mom. I later had a boyfriend named henry in about a years ago and i caught him with a good friend of mine and i divorced him and I later began to search for a real man that wouldn't cheat on me.I was later seaching for a real man on the internet and i met a cool man living in british columbia,canada. He planned to treat me as a father and cherish me for whom i'm. I met him in about 3 weeks now and he paid for my flight from texas and he planned to logde me in an hotel and i never knew that he is married until i got here.His wife detected from a friend and later his wife came and disgraced me at the hotel.I went to another hotel to stay and since then he has never called nor send me an email and left me here where i knew no one. I planned to contact my mom and no way i could get through.I later met someone here in canada that act sex videos and she introduced me to it.She took some nude pictures of me and some other pics also that can let me find a sex partner on the internet and i agree to start cos i had nobody to contact. I later find a way to contact my mom and it went through. i was told that she died due to the pains she went through from a breast cancer she encountered.It was then that i knew it is time for me to face the challenges outside the world. How i wish i could get a man who's gonna make me feel like a woman and have me as a wife.But when there is no way i could leave than to have sex with strangers to make it in life, I had to come down to the internet to contact men who is real!!!!!!!!!!!!! (lol) I'm here now to find who's gonna pay for my flight and fuck my ass.This is what i do for a living and finding a real man....... Kate..

Status of report:  is still without proof

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