Scam report about Anita Addo

First name:  Anita
Last name:  Addo
Age:  31
Location:  Ghana ; Accra
Address:  Drive 125 lane Accra Ghana,, Country Code 00233
Phone:  00233 242077498
On websites: &
Report:  told me her ex boyfriend,stole some Gold from my Grandfather and run away, But he didn’t know about big one that Grandpa was keeping for her and future Hasband.Its a Gold peace worth $10million USA dollars..She wanted me to fly down, saying It will cost you $3500 usa to come here, or better to wire her about $800 usa. she able to pay for the taxes on it,, once the tax is paid, she deposit the Gold into my account;;Then she will fly over here and well have a better life... Laughing to my self, I just had to report it...

Status of report:  is still without proof

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