Scam report about nataliya aka. real name, ulyana ershova aka. real name, byharena

First name:  nataliya aka. real name, ulyana
Last name:  ershova aka. real name, byharena
Age:  30
Location:  samara ,russia
On websites:
Report:  AKA, Nataliya, She started writing me in november she contacted me on the web site she said she was comming over to the usa on a work visa. She worte a few times from she said was here home city of samara then she didnt write for a couple of days. Then shae said she was in moscow and was getting ready to make her travel plans. Her next e-mail said she needed 1000.00 dollars to fly over to see me i got thinking why wouldnt she know how much it is to fly over here. I new it was a scam i told her i didnt have the money and she tryed a couple more e-mails saying stuff like My darling dont leave me here in this cold mean city i want to come and be with you i will make you very happy. And i was thinking yeah right! I havent got and e-mail form her since nov 21st. Now i have a new one that sent me an e-mail from Her name is soppose to be elena and i know already she is an scammer because her first to e-mails are just about word for word the same as aka nataliya. But i am going to mess with this girl that says she is elena She hasent asked for ay money yet but i know she will soon because she is going to moscow to get her work visa yeah right. I will let you know how it goes and as soon as she asks for money i will report her also.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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