Scam report about evgenia medvedeva

First name:  evgenia
Last name:  medvedeva
Aka:  natalya nikolayeva, ekaterina zaytseva, maria,
Age:  29
Location:  kiev, ukraine
On websites:
Report:  This girl (if, in fact, she really exists and is not the product of some male scammers love letter and picture file) sounds convincing at first, taking her time to get around to money matters. It took her about two weeks of plying me with what I later found out from other anti-scam sites to be form letters before she actually honed in on me with the possibilty of meeting in the U.S. From then on, it was the standard scam about would I send her money for visas, airline tickets, etc. to get here by Christmas. Having had experience with dating scammers at in the past, I had no intention of sending her a cent. She already had raised my suspicions from the beginning of our correspondence by sneaking me her personal email in a letter to my True mailbox. And then, in classical scammer form, she admitted to me in her first letter thereafter that she was not, in fact, from Floral Park, Queens, but instead residing in Kiev, Ukraine. Having been dealt hard blows by scammers in the past, I decided to continue correspondence to see just how far she would go. After my first refusal to pay for visas, etc., and confronting her with the possibility that she was scamming me, she conceded that she would find a way to pull the required $360 together herself.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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