Scam report about Victoria Bogdanuk

First name:  Victoria
Last name:  Bogdanuk
Age:  26
Location:  Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Phone:  +380962712679
On websites:
Report:  I coresponded with this lady for 3month from okt -06 to 15 jan -07 she never ask me for money or anything in letters. when I left to meet her in Zaporozhye. She had plan my trip so I will meet her at DNK airport, and there she was whaiting for me. She had the same taxi driving me the hole week evrything was nice we talk´t all the way to Zaporozhye,she had fix a apartment for me for 80 dollars/night.I paid in advans for one week I think it was much butI never told her,I diden´t want to hurt her feelings,anyway we go out to a nice resturant at the evening. And it was really nice place . she told me that this was her familys favorite place and they go there to eat when they celebrate somthing. I was thinking, good maybe she wanted to celebrate my ariwal,wery nice. We eat maybe 4-5 diches and we talk´t about dreams and how it is like in my contry and stuff like that.Then the clock was 9P:M and she have to go home she had school tomorrow.I get the bill for 200 dollars ! and step out to the taxi and she follow me to the door and said that she have school every day this week,but her sister culd take care of me,If I wanted to. I said OK,but I was thinking What a Fuck, I have traveld here to meet you I am only going to see you for 3-4 houers every day ! Next morning the sister ring on my door she was nice at first we shuld go sigtseeing over Zaporozhye and have a nice day. She was really fat and dident look like they was sisters but anyway she start telling me how much Viki had talkt about me and how much she care for me and stuff like that. But she had only one thing in mind MONEY ! Viki needs Englich lessons and computer and passport and dit and dat! so I said comeon I have only meet her for 4houers,then we went to pickup Viki at school or where she was,first they have talk to etch other I cud se that she was a little put,I am hungry she said ,Ok where do you want to go ? At the same place as we went last night! Ok I was thinking FUCK we are going to eat there the whole week !!! And her sister to folowd us to the resturant.then she call for a lady Helen she was translater Viki dident speak so good englich. So this time it cost me 300 dollars. I think I spend about 1700 dollars at that Fucking Resturant. And I was drinking Vodka one night and was a littlebit tank´t ,when Helen come to resturant and translated for Viki, she said lets go out and spoil your girl. I was thinking like she wanted some nice things you know how girls are,OK i said lets go. Cross the street it was a ferm and skin shop,my phone rang it was some problems at the company in sweden i have to solve,so they ran in the shop and start try some minkferms and I dident notice that they had allready madeup there mind that I shuld by her a ferm,so some men come to me and ask me for money 800 dollars I told Viki that It is to much money, she got upset and almost start crying,so I got the ferm for her, Ok I was thinking ,only one After one week they had scam me for 1700 dollar in resturant bills 800 dollars for Mink ferm 600 Euro for Englich lessons and passport Atleast 1000 dollar for TAXI And top of all they said when I was going home that it was to windy for the plane lift for DNK to Kiev so I have to take Taxi to KIEV about 600KM for 600 dollars. I was glad to leave Ukraine and come home to Sweden. We corresponded for 6 month after that Next month her sister got ill and was at hospital,and her mom had hartproblems,so she neded money But I send her money to by a computer 500 dollar in Februari. And I send her 1000 dollar in Juni when she will be dropp out of school if she diden´t pay .And she had no one else and me..... I was stupid I know, but I was in love I had just divorced my whife in Sweden before I meet Viki and think that she was the best at that time I was blind........... But I have learn a expenciv lesson and this grop of people is going down. Never trust them even if they are sinclair and loonely girls they never work alone, I bet the Taxidriver , translater ,

Status of report:  is still without proof

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