Scam report about Stacy Geoge

First name:  Stacy
Last name:  Geoge
Age:  27
Address:  unknown lie no found
Phone:  unknown lie no found
On websites:  unknown only know nigeria
Report:  I need prove scam that lady if real or fake Because why she ask me about money for air flight that she want come to state. But she say that she stay motel at lagos,nigeria and try help money for flight but i dont belive her at all and i knew something went wrong with her mind as makeup story so i told her that i need prove id or passport by her then she wont talk me again out online well i need prove or scam her that no way send money to her ever but i belive if she lie story about love and move to state. i belive that she tricky on me. ok let me know about if she real or not or fake? Thank you.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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