Scam report about Kelcey Sullin

First name:  Kelcey
Last name:  Sullin
Aka:  kelcey jenny sullin
Age:  26
Location:  lagos, nigeria
Phone:  23480083247335, 8611063980848, 5490357317641280
On websites:
Report:  She will entice you,to make you believe she is looking for a meaningful, long term relationship and that she is in the process of coming to the U.S. but than starts asking for flight money,($500) basic traveling allowance,($1500)and finally she will try and convince you that her disceased father that is supposed to be, Polish, has left her some property she was not aware of and the plot changes in several ways along with her so called attorney, Dotun Morris,and wants to add you as a beneficiary of a 4.4 millon dollar settlrment but needs $2000, to change the money to your name so it can be transferred to your account.There are numermous details that i have not included, since to this point has taken me get to this stage of our so called relationship.You will not believe how good she is and to date i was scammed out of a total of $2100 before i figured out what was happening.She also uses her granny ( Hakeem Lasisi, as a relative that came to her rescue when both her parents were killed in an auto accident when she was 10 years old and living in the states,and left alone until her granny came and took her to, Nigeria where she has lived ever since until now,at 26 years of age.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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