Scam report about Marina Kushakova

First name:  Marina
Last name:  Kushakova
Age:  19
Location:  Pskov, Russia
Email:  I don't know
On websites:
Report:  I am not a member of the site listed but I was browsing listings of girls and came across this one. I typed the city she lived in in Google Maps and came across the report on this web site. One of the aliases, Alena, matches the one on this site. The web site is not listed on sites she is on so I decided to send this so you can do your own investigating. On the site she is 19, in your scam report she is 27. I don't know if these two are one in the same, but there were some coincidences. Her SN on the site is: Alena4815 Let me know if she is or isn't will ya? She's kinda cute. Hope the one I found isn't the scammer. lol

Status of report:  is still without proof

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