Scam report about Tatyana Vershinina

First name:  Tatyana
Last name:  Vershinina
Aka:  darya_sablazn, Svetlana, Natalya
Age:  28
Location:  russia
Report:  received contact from her shortly after joining She supposedly was living in Nebraska, at least from her profile. Messages include photos and I recognized that this was a scam, found your website and recognized her photo (though different hair color). I can send the photos. one of the messages is below: Hello My Friend Jim!!!!!! Jim I am glad to your letter how you feel? I am very glad to receive your letter. All that was bad at me disappears from heads when I receive your letter. I want to learn more about your family. Jim you will tell to me? At you it is a lot of relatives? I live with mum in one apartment. To my mum of 53 years, daddy I do not know also mum of nothing speaks about it. I of nothing ask because also mum once has asked began sad, and I do not want it. At me to have the grandmother, she lives in village Ismenci. Mum call Galina, and grandmother Zoya. And at you Jim? I like to go to the grandmother in the summer. At her it is very good to have a rest, clean air, I can be with the grandmother and help her in everything, she has learned much me when I was small and a vein at her. In our country few good men and who good are already married. Therefore I now one. Jim you like me and I want to learn you more and more every day. I want will meet the man which sincere with me which will love me and which will be glad to ours with it to happiness together with me. I am sure that the adult the man understands it and consequently age for me not the main thing. Jim I do not love quarrels and conflicts, I want to be with the beloved to see his smile, to feel his passion, tenderness and caress. And you Jim? You like flowers??? What???? To me very much like field and roses. I already miss your letter. Where it? I hope that I shall receive soon. Yours Darya

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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