Scam report about Nastya Galbravesi

First name:  Nastya
Last name:  Galbravesi
Age:  29
Location:  Volzhsk
Report:  Hi my lovely Marc. I am very glad that you have answered me. I hope that our correspondence will proceed further. For me for the first time therefore I at all do not know what to write it. My name Nastya. I was born on March, 20, 1978. On a sign on a horoscope I am fishes. I had earlier unsuccessful experiences of dialogue with men. Our men have gone any all cold. Sex is necessary for them only. I have no anything against sex! But I think, that without love sex it is very primitive. And I would like to live with the man which loved me for my private world, for my soul. And not just for my appearance. Therefore I have decided to search for the man from other country. And you had earlier experiences of dialogue through the Internet? There can be you communicated with someone from Russia? I live in the city of Volzhsk. It not the big city on coast of the river Volga. I was born and have lived in it all life. I was one in family. Mine the daddy now lives in 200 kms from me. My mum has died at sorts. The daddy frequently told to me about it. I want to ask you to not speak any more about my mum. As it touches me, and I have tears. I do not have native brothers and sisters. I have relatives, but they Live also very far from my city. I almost do not meet them. I think to us it is necessary to change a theme. I work in a beauty salon. I since the childhood loved this business. I studied on a faculty of law, but unfortunately could not be arranged on a speciality. The matter is that at us in Russia it is a lot of economists and lawyers. Therefore it is very difficult to be arranged on these specialities. You can have questions. Therefore ask me, that you interests. And still I want to tell that I write to you in nonnative language for myself, therefore I can sometimes suppose mistakes. In the future I think it would be quite good if we could speak by phone. I have no house of the computer. As it also was not necessary for me. And consequently I write to you from my girlfriend. She works together with me, and she allows to use to me its computer. Her name is Mariya. She sends the regards to you. She asked only about one that you did not send the big files as she has very slow Internet. Because of it she will be compelled to pay many money for the Internet. I hope that you will answer me. With impatience I shall wait for your following letter. Your girlfriend from Russia Nastya.

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