Scam report about Tatyana, Olga, Natalia, Davydowa

First name:  Tatyana, Olga, Natalia,
Last name:  Davydowa
Age:  25
Location:  Lenyna street 9, flat 7
Address:  Shelekhov
Report:  Received email unexpectly. Dont know how she knew my email. Received 2 emails from her with pics The emails were basicly what the #2 guy mentioned. She didnt answer some questions. She didnt ask for money yet, but she will ... I may just lead her on and on and let her waste her time. I will offer her some money to help her and then I will tell her the checks in the mail. Thats what I told my X wife. :-)

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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