Scam report about Nadya grebneva

First name:  Nadya
Last name:  grebneva
Aka:  Evgenia
Age:  28
Location:  Samara and Kirov
Address:  she withholds it (does not give it but says she lives in Samara or Kirov
Phone:  she witholds it (says she will call from Post Office)
Report:  This scammer comes across very smoothly and non-committal then tells you she works with children and WANTS children with you. She also commences her converastion asking you what your favorite color is. She comes on calmly and does not ask for money or tickets as they usually always do..but will eventually steer you that way. She then sends you a second letter entitled Evgenia with the near similar IP address. She even said she would call me to verify she was who she said she was. But as usual does not divulge her home phone number or address. TYPICAL scammer behaviour...easy to follow, easy to pin point. Another one bites the dust. Scammers are losing their edge since they all use nearly identical techniques...draw them in then expose them... Her IP address

Status of report:  is still without proof

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