SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Krestina Shikina

First name: Krestina
Last name: Shikina
Age: 27
Location: Kazan
Address: 1-12 Lenina street kazan russia
On websites: lavalife australia
Report:     Hello my love David!!! I have received your letter, it is full emotional of heat and sympathy to me. I I begin To understand that my life it is not meaningful without you because I love you David I I think, that during that time , That we with you Are familiar at us much in common, there was a feeling, I think that we are necessary the friend for the friend. I am constant I think of you , You have accepted a place in my heart. I spoke with my parents that probably I shall leave in to you, they only Were glad For me, mother has blessed me, it thinks that it and there is my happiness. Today I weigh day thought only of you , About that as We shall meet you. I represent it to myself as you meet me at the airport as we look around each other , We find and We fall arms each other. I today have learned about cost of the visa, it costs 145 euro. And it will be necessary for me on the ticket up to Moscow 320 euro. My dear you will send me this money through the WESTERN UNION or MONEY GRAMM? To send money to you it is necessary to know mine precisely name and the address. I to inform you them in the last letter. That I could receive money from you. I also need to know your exact name and the exact address. And I need to know number of remittance MTCH which to you to give in the WESTERN UNION or MONEY GRAMM. Today fine day, but me it is sad because we with you so The distant friend From the friend. Between us huge ocean, but in the ideas I with you. I love you and for ever in your ideas David. I wait Your letter. It will be very important for me. For ever yours Krestina!!! 100_1395.jpg
Status of report: is still without proof