First name: Oksana
Last name: Rudenko
Age: 22?,25?,26?
Location: Kharkov, Ukraine
On websites: Profile#1108396
Report:     I recently made a trip to Kharkov to visit some friends about some business and to meet a couple of ladies from the Anastasiaweb site. Oksana seemed to be very excited about my arrival, and we hit it off right away. She was very playful and fun and seemed to be sincere. Over the course of the week we had many dates doing everything from roller blading to fancey dinners. we had talked about her learning english and continuing her career in the States, and she seemed to really like the sound of this. One evening we went shopping for a pair of shoes. Now I make a pretty good living and money is really not a big issue for me, but when she found the most expensive pair of shoes in the store and wanted them, It did raise some eye brows. Next came meeting her mother. Now it is a custom to but a small gift for your first meeting and I did intend to do just that. Oksana took me to a perfume store and again found the largest bottle of very expensive perfume and wanted it for her mother. That was not all, she wanted one for herself as well. The week wnt great until the last night together. All of a sudden she was acting like a completely different person. She had kids, she did not have kids. She was really 22 not 26 as her profile said, then it was 25. She had no time to try to learn english. She was all over the map! And she would not let me kiss her any more. She hinted about wanting a new car, but I was not going there. The next day at our goodbye before I left for the airport, she would not say hello or goodbye, and was absolutley cold as ice. She had gotten everything out of me she knew she was going to get. I have seen a lot of this, but never this blatent. She has no serious intentions at all, it is all just games. Stay away from this one guys!
Status of report: is still without proof