First name: Jessica
Last name: Poret
Aka: Jess Doner
Age: 27
Location: Moskow, Russia
On websites: lavalife
Report:     She goes by now. It's the same story with this one as Jess Perot Same pictures.She's an idiot if she thinks she's any good at scamming anyway. It was so easy to see, just read her e-mails and you'll know. They make no sense at all. Studying English in London.Back in Moskow with grandma. Said she paid 300.00 usd to TravelBooms to fly to see me? Needed 778.78 for the rest of the flight. When she realized that wasn't going to happen, she said that she had an old friend that she lent money to 2 years ago. He lives in Canada and he wants to pay her back now? She said she didn't have a bank account and couldn't get one in Moskow? She wanted me to give her my account information so her friend could wire me the money and I could send it to her? I told you she's an idiot! I have a lot of information ( addresses, bank accounts, locations ) if you want to look into it I can play this one easily!
Status of report: is still without proof