First name: Natylia
Age: 32
Location: Russia
Report:     I actually got this person amazingly to admit that she was a he, and that he was doing it to survive, he appears to have a touch of consionce, this is one of his replys below, no doubt he is still prowling the internet: I understand that a deceit it very badly. But it nothing me it is not necessary to do more. I cannot find normal work. In 1992 I was at war for the country in Chehne and to me have torn off a foot. But my country has forgotten about me. I cannot earn to myself on meal another by. I the invalid. I only can sit in transitions in the street and ask money from passers-by. But being the former soldier of the Russian army I will not fall before! I all have told Once again I am sorry
Status of report: is still without proof