First name: Maria
Last name: Andreeva
Aka: Tatyana (Lorionova) Zimatat
Age: 35 also poses as 28
Location: Cheboksary , Chuvashia
Address: Leninskogo Komsomola House8 Apartment 13
On websites: Yahoo
Report:     she contacted me on yahoo personals on Jan.23 2008. After 10 letters and 10 pictures has professed a big love for me. She wants to come to Texas and says she is getting her work visa from a travel agency but it is going to take a long time so we can get to know eachother better because she wants to spend Christmas with me. She had me going until I inquired at another scam site and Saul told me to look up Tatyana Zimatat.I found her picture here just scanning through photos. I have the same picture. She has not asked for anything yet but she discouraged me from visiting her as I have a passport and travel would be no problem to Russia. I am so grateful for your database. You saved me from embarrasment and more. Now I am going to have fun with her. I may make her go to Moscow to pick up fake cash if she tries to get me. I just heard from her today . She sent an email at 4:30 am which is a weird time for a working nurse. I have plenty of provacative photos and wholesome ones too. They get a little sexier with each letter.
Status of report: is still without proof