Scam report about Rahina Ahmid

First name:  Rahina
Last name:  Ahmid
Aka:  promisegirl_4_you
Age:  30 yrs old
Location:  Accura, Ghana
Phone:  233274222526
On websites:;
Report:  Rahina initially comes accross as a christian girl who has lost both parents and living alone in Accura, Ghana. Then she will tell you about some gold that her father has left her. After that, she then solicits your help in order to free the gold from a security company. Once the gold is freed, she will then attempt to ask for money to get goverment approval for her to sell the gold. She will provide pictures of two trunks of gold. Once the gold is supposedly sold, she will produce documents and pictures of 2 trunks of money. She will then claim that she needs help in order to wire money to you through the amalgamated bank ltd. Then she will claim that the bank, lawyers and etc. are trying to take her money, so she had to lock them up and will send you a key. From there, she will try to solicit your help in shipping the two trunks to your whereabouts using bogus shipping companies

Status of report:  is still without proof

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