First name: Phina
Last name: Awa
Age: 23
Location: Dakar Senegal
Email: avaphina@yahoo
Report:     MOONCHAMBERS&ASSOCIATES SOLICITORS AND ADVOCATE No 26 Rodhes Crescent (2ND Floor). PHONE: +221-774137184. Dakar Senegal. EMAIL: OUR REF: JLC/01541 YOUR REF: LMC/0549 DATE;2008 EQUAL RIGHT & JUSTICE Attn Mr. Grzegorz, Sir, I wish to present my best compliments to you; Sequel to your mail regarding the issue of helping you procure the necessary document required by the Bank, to make your claims and transfer of fund to your account in your country or anywhere of your choice, We are happy to be honored and promise to assist and represent you in all assigns. Your partner was in my office with Reverend Pastor to discuss about the issuing to you an Authorisation letter that will enable you stand on her behalf to transfer her money from the bank , including the Death certificate of her father which is prensently at my care. I have investigated with her late fathers bank and found every thing correct with the requirements before they will transfer money to your account in your country. From my enquiries to the federal high court here in Dakar, it will cost the sum of one thousand One Hundred Euro (1,100 Euro) for Authentication of the power of attorney and the affidavit of support at the High Court before it becomes valid and Six Hundred & Fifty Euro (650 Euro) for notary stamping at the notary republic, My legal processing fee is Three Hundred & Fifty Euro (350 Euro) total (2,100Euro) To speedy the process you are to send these money to me today through (western union money transfer system).which is the fastest way of sending money to enable my noble office prepare and validate the power of attorney and the affidavit of support here in the High court and notary republic respectively.You are to send the 2,100 Euro with the name of my accountant Via Western union money transfer which is the fastest way of sending money. Mr George Abdul. No 26 Rodhes crecent (2ND Floor) Dakar Senegal The cost of obtaining the document including our service fee is 2,100 Euro. Also, it will take about 2 working days to process the document. The affidavit of support will first be obtained from the federal High Court of Dakar Senegal and as soon as this is ready, we will proceed immediately to draft the Power of Attorney which will be dully signed by your partner and witness by me also naturalized by the federal magistrate. Note, upon receipt of the fee and the information needed to obtain this documents, we shall proceed immediately to procure the documents which will take us 2 working days to complete. Should you have any question, contact us at 00221 774137184 , Attached below is my identity and my international passport. Yours sincerely in service, Dr Bar. Destiny Moon Principal Partner.(Esq) No 26 Rodhes crescent (2nd-floor) Dakar Senegal Tel, +221 77413 7184
Status of report: is still without proof