First name: ELENA
Last name: GOROHOVA
Age: 30 Years old
Location: semiluki,voronezhskaia oblast russia
Email: Elena (
Report:     Got contacted late november 2007 true kijiji site.than email were coming from Elena( many nice letters and pictures. Than the time for vacations for her, want to come to Canada she got Visa canadian got copy, than she needed monetary assistance to pay for flight ticket 307 US than came the money for having the right to leave country 273 US she work with so call airport inspector in Moscow russia name: Vera Rybakowa??? also in conjonction with a Nelli co-worker at a wedding registration bureau in Veronezh. I sentmoney true Western union to GAZPROMBANK GARIBALDI, 36 MOSCOW 117418 PHONE (7) (495) 7199000 FOR VERA RYBAKOWA That was for the money to show in order to leave the country. For the airline ticket reservation true western union for Elena Gorohova to AVANGARD BANK ENGELSA,18 VORONEZH,394000 Phone (7) (4732)532540
Status of report: is still without proof