Scam report about Vera Verusya

First name:  Vera
Last name:  Verusya
Age:  29
Location:  St Petersburg, Russia
Address:  St. Sevastyanova 42-12
Report:  I received an unsolicited email from Vera describing herself as an attractive 29 year old looking to make friends in Australia as she was going to visit her uncle. The uncle conveniently lived in Perth, yet worked deep in a forest in Tasmania, which is as far as you can get from Perth and still be in Australia! Vera made all the promises in the world, sent me photos and claimed to have been interviewed and obtained her Australian visa in an afternoon, and was scheduled to fly to Australia within 24 hours as she had already booked her plane ticket. Alas, her uncle could not send her the $US5,000.00 (She muist have been booked first class!) via the bank as it takes 2 weeks in Russia to process a payment, or so she claimed. As her uncle was on-line I suggested he cable the money via Western Union, but Vera got very upset at this suggestion and pressured me to stop wasting time, cable her the money to Western Union in St Petersburg, and to supply my bank details so her uncle could reimburse me not only the money but expenses as well. Of course I couldn’t do that and realised it was all over. In my final email to Vera I attempted to scam some money out of her but of course she was never to be heard from again.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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