SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Caroline Simons

First name: Caroline
Last name: Simons
Aka: Regina Appiah, Gladys Tei
Age: 32
Location: Accra (Ghana)
On websites:
Report:     On Feburary 21st, 2008 Caroline contacted me on Her profile stated she was from New York, New York and she was 62 years old. When I wrote back and told her thank you for the interest, but I wasn't interested in someone so far away and someone that old. She wrote back and said it was a mistake and she was really from Accra (Ghana) and wanted my addy on yahoo messenger so we could talk. While we chatted she was very different from the other scammers that I have found here. She didn't ask for money and made it clear that she didn't talk sex on the internet. She sent me three pictures and I remembered seeing her on this site. So now the game starts and I'm having fun with it. We are at the point of where she is in love with me and wants to come to the USA to be with me. There has still been no talk of money or sick family members, but rather just normal chats. Her letters are a little more sexual, but still not like others I've encounterd. I'm going to play this one to see if I can get more information. I know I could set her or him up to be at a Western Union office at a time where they could be picked up. I'd be more than happy to set this scammer up and have them caught. I thank you for this site. It has really helped me in spotting scammers and I'm sure it saved me money. I find myself out here for bait now, just looking for scammers. I've found others just this past week that have tried to contact me and are on you list. Fawzia Brimah, Esther Ansomaa, Mumuni Zulfawu have all contacted me and would be easy set ups.
Status of report: is still without proof