SCAM REPORT ABOUT  becky thomas

First name: becky
Last name: thomas
Age: 30
Location: logas nigeria
Email: becky spride
Report:     met her on dating service somenew she said she was coming to me and got arested in uk by immergrations kneed 600 dollars to get across the border and the next day a guy phoned me said soon as the money was pais she wuld be coming he said that h was immergratins from uk so i sent iton the 5 fo march she said she was sent to california by the fbi and kneed four hundred to pay them to get out then 6 of march she saed ihe was at the airport to fly hear is said ok then she said she kneeded 550 to fly hear i got suspcious snd called the travel agent and the price from there was only two hundred andfift five al together she got over twothousand dollars out of me
Status of report: is still without proof