SCAM REPORT ABOUT  theresa asantewaah

First name: theresa
Last name: asantewaah
Age: 27
Location: Ghana/ACCRA
Phone: +2332422315184
On websites:
Report:     she contacted me on onedate and asked me 4 money from the beginning, I sent her few money, the she went on and on, I trusted her 4 a while, then I saw 1 pic she sent me in here, now I know who she is, thanx!! She told me she is from Sweden, she went to Accra, she is a nurse and she got malaria, she needs my help to get out... I hear her everyday, more than 1 time per day by phone and chat on msn, she never shown in cam, I just asked her to do so... She's a scammer 4 sure
Status of report: is still without proof