Scam report about tatyana

First name:  tatyana
Age:  27
Location:  kazan,russia
On websites:  go fish dating
Report:  this beautiful lady contacted me on this site we were talking for about 3 weeks,all her letters were well written and the letters were very personal and real.i tested her to see want she would say i sent a pic you will see in one of the letter she did mention it to me and she was quite interested in it.funny thing next letter she feel in love with me...she wants be with me shame looking for money....not a also can see some of the pics she gave me she looks like a dancer a stripper these are the type that will hurt your feelings bad...they get men to pay them for a one way meal ticket and wont see them again...she never got nothing from me GUYS OUT THERE BE WARE DONT FALL FOR IT

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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