Scam report about melisa sharon

First name:  melisa
Last name:  sharon
Aka:  linda gerald
Age:  30
Location:  abbey wood ,london, england
Address:  84 basildon road
Phone:  +447927751482
On websites:
Report:  i met this girl on yahoo instant messenger and right away after talking 2 days she is inlove with me she asked me to send 1500.00 dollars for plane ticket, i am smart and i checked her out. the address she gave was 84 basildon road, abbey wood london. i looked on google maps and the maps shows a vacant lot there are houses on that street, the phone number she gave me doesnt work i get a message saying, the 02 subscriber is not available to take my call and to leave a message, i hang up. she tells me she loves me and wants to come be with me , i am not sending her any money and she says she is rich and doesnt need my money. she says she will come be with me by easter.and she has nice surprises for me, (the only surpise there might be is she robs me and breaks in my home) ithis girl is going by melisa sharon. i couldnt find and phone number when i look up the address in london directory assistance. beware she is changing names, i found the picture she sent me on this site i know she is fake, every one be careful of this girl.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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