Scam report about Faustina Fosuah

First name:  Faustina
Last name:  Fosuah
Age:  29
Location:  Ghana, Accra,
Address:  PO box 1246 AN
Phone:  +233275131918
Email:  Faustina Fosuah []
On websites:  person, Yahoo
Report:  Well, she came out of nowhere and said it had been too long... I played a bit with her and she tried to pull the typical moneyscam saying she heritated large sums of cash and now wanted some account to stash it on... Because i wasnt eager to cooperate she dropped the whole story. Now shes asking for money saying next week shes gonna come... BTW: the longer I kept her on the line, the spicier the pictures became!! You must have a look! BTW she says shes Australian and shows an aussie passport. She copied it from internet, but was too stupid to change basic things like numbers etc.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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