Scam report about jessica michelle

First name:  jessica
Last name:  michelle
Age:  33
Location:  nigeria ?
On websites:  IwantU
Report:  struck up a frienship,she wanted money toward the flight, I sent £300 to an estate agent in bristol via western union who has an internet address only, they had a bogus postcode and no telephone number and proffessional searches failed to find either, I then had an email from someone supposed to be representing KLM airlines accounts and they wanted £800 (refundable) for BTA before she could board the plane, she was supposed to be residing in the US but a phone call to KLM informed me that BTA (basic tax allowance)was not charged on flights from the US to the UK, she was of course outside of the UK and I suspect Nigeria as I think that the bogus KLM accountants were operating from there,all this is new to me so I lost £300 but now I know better. the travel agents that I sent the money to was DAVID MARTIN and had a bristol address(yale) which I assume does exist as they recieved the money from western union ok,the bogus KLMACCOUNTANT email address is KLMACCOUNTANTSDEPARTMENT@GMAIL.COM I emailed these people and asked if they could confirm that they were acting for KLM but I recieved no reply.I did not send the £800 as by this time I was beginning to realise that things were not making sense.after I stopped all contact with the suspected scammer she send me an email accusing me of wrecking her life but I niticed that she kept my £300 pounds which by this time Id written off anyway, ok, hope that this helps, R M Lowe

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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