Scam report about Alena

First name:  Alena
Age:  25
Location:  athens,greece
Email:  Elliot
On websites:  my space and yahoo messenger
Report:  I got this message from her on my my space say she was looking for someone she could get to know and possibly have an intimate relationship with.She said she a model and in fashion.She said she works for kodak film as a model.She said see is on her off time right now and want to come see me.She wanted me to send her money to help out with a plane ticket so she could come visit me.She wants me to send her money today so she can come visit.But I just found out about this web site and reconized her pic has the same girl I've been talking to.She has no clue that i found out she's a scammer.She supossed to get a hold of me today and I'm going to call her on this shit.I was never gonna send any money anyways.She'll get what she deserves.Here is the info she gave me to send her the money Name:odutuga aadekunie Address:10 ring road ikeja State:lagos Zipcode 23401 Test...My love Answer...Devious. What a dumb CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Status of report:  is still without proof

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