Scam report about Jennifer

First name:  Jennifer
Age:  30
Location:  Ghana
On websites:  mostly is dating sites
Report:  I Meet this girl on here and she told that both her parents are dead and she is living with his auntie now ,so she told me that she will like to come to me ,so i sent her 4000 dollars for her to get her self passport ,visa and also buy a plain ticket for her self but this girl took the money and never came to me,so later she mailed me and told me the reason why she did not come to me was that he auntie has got an accident that is why she was not able to come to and i also sent her 5000 dollars again but after all this the girl never came to me .So i came to Ghana to look for her but i got a message from the Ghanaian police that she has gone out of town ,SO lunched a report and gave the police supt the picture of this scammer who has scammed me out of money ,so please all people talking to all girls called JENNIFER should be very careful ok .Let this girls show them selves on cam so that you can see them ok before you start any going with them ok.May God help so that the police in Ghana get a gribb of this jennefer girl for me so that i can get my money back and also this girl i am talking of ,the picture she gave me she was seating on a chair and also she is a little fair in complexion ,so beacrefull of all this.Beware of the scam going on in Africa

Status of report:  is still without proof

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