SCAM REPORT ABOUT  yuliya gordeeva

First name: yuliya
Last name: gordeeva
Aka: julia ponomareva
Age: 28 years
Location: sovetsk , kirov area, russia
Address: 613340 Gagarin street H.72 A.21
On websites:
Report:     She contacted me on feb 6, 08. everything seemed very innocent at first, but gradually became more and more intimate. there were over 60 letters sent to me between feb 6 and now ( april 5 ) she told me she lived in the town of sovetsk, but after talking me into sending her money for plane tickets, and again so she would be allowed to leave moscow, (stupid me!) then she wanted more for documents, and thats when I decided to check and find out where the money was being picked up, and was told by western union that it was picked up both times in yoshkar-ola. and thats when I new I'd been scammed.
Status of report: is still without proof