SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Ekatarina Zlatova

First name: Ekatarina
Last name: Zlatova
Aka: Marina, Katya
Age: 25
Location: Gorodok, Khmelnitskiy
On websites:,
Report:     Hello xxxx! I'm very glad to receive a letter from you, it is really nice to comunicate with interesting people especially if they are from another country.It is very enjoyable for me to learn new information about different countries, people, cities, nature, architecture, cultures and traditions. I hope, xxxx you can tell me a lot of information about the place you live in, it will be very interesting for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me introduce myself: my name is Ekaterina, you can call me just Katya. You know, it is a very ''loud'' name in my country because of queen Ekaterina the Second - a very popular woman even nowadays. So, a few words about me: I live in Ukraine, it is situated in the South - Eastern part of Europe with its especially beautiful nature, I like it very much and I don't have a favourite season because every season in Ukraine is a wonderful transformation of nature. I live in a very small town with a little''strange'' name Gorodok. I understand it isn't strange for you, :-)but in our native language it means a small town. :-))) I live with my father and his wife (she is a very nice and friendly woman, we have very good relationships). But they are rather young people and they want to stay alone more time, and I often try to go for a walk with my friends and of course I spend much time at work. :-( And I think work is maybe the most important part in every modern woman's life, it is very nessesary to be independent nowadays. What do you think of this fact, xxxx?? So I have my work, I can't say that is my dream job, but I can communicate with people every day, and it's necessary for me, I am a very friendly person. And I hope that one day I'll find a job that will bring me real pleasure, but it is very difficult in our small town, so you see that work isn't the last priority in my life. And what about you xxxx? Write me please a few words about your work, it will be interesting for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a very active, friendly and kind person,:-))) I hope, xxxx that you have the same values as I have, it is very important for me to know that people understand me.I like nature, I like flowers, I like to go to the forest alone or with my the way I have a lot of friends,we often meet to go for a walk or to discuss some new topic, we try to follow the news around the world, and internet helps me to do it. However we would like to travel around our country, to go to the sea side it is real fun for us to spend an active rest. :-))) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I go in for skating and gymnastics but I like all kinds of sport and it helps me to keep fit and to be in a good health.Sport hastens the rhythm of my life and makes me more active. I like cooking very much I think that it's very important nowadays to eat really healthy food but I like coffee, I like how coffee smells it makes me more active. I like music, music is also very important part in my life I can feel its rhythm, people are moving in one rhythm, nature changes its colours in another rhythm I would like the rhythm of a big city, there are so many people and each of them has his own life interests, aims and dreams and the city is connecting all these very different people.However I live in a small quiet town.:-))) Also I like to watch films, to go to the cinema with my friends to see some exciting film. I think that it is very creative art form that deserves a great respect. And what about you xxxx? Do you like watching films or do you enjoy the theatre, tell me please about it in your next letter? I will be very glad if you write me about yourself about your hobbies and dreams.As for me I dream about a big own house with a lot of beautiful flowers and my beloved man.It is the biggest dream in my life, it's very important for me to know that somebody loves me, that somebody cares for you, that he will be near me during all my life. If my dream comes true it will be the biggest happiness in my life. I'll be waiting for your letter, xxxx:-)))))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodbye! Truly yours Katya.
Status of report: is still without proof