Scam report about Angela And Rev,Thompson Campbel. Camara.

First name:  Angela And Rev,Thompson Campbel.
Last name:  Camara.
Aka:  There is at least 3,people in this scam,Or just on
Age:  21yrs
Location:  United Nations Refugee Camp, Dakar, Senegal.
Phone:  221,768822547 or 2217688-22547
Email: or or
On websites:
Report:  These people was saying how this young girl of 21yrs needed a home. That all i had to pay for was her flight. I did fall for this because i only have found your site now. But i dont want anyone eles falling for this so i hope i stop people from sending western union money grams to these people. Please dont fall for a pretty face like i did. One is supposed to be a man of the cloth, A reverend please dont fall for this. These people are from Dakar,senegal. If anyone comes across them plesae dont fall for it like i did. Thankgod they didnt get that much money from me but i am disabled person in wheelchair and they was asking money off me. These people should be stopped and put in there places. And the place they should be is prison. I hope this helps you. Dont let a pretty face fool you. Or a man of God. Lies. These people should be put away from harm. If they can take money of a disabled person then they will take it from anyone including there own. Thesae people are thieves and should be stopped. It is in gods hands now. Only god can judge..!! I hope i can stop others for falling for there money traps.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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