SCAM REPORT ABOUT  tatyana tyerehina

First name: tatyana
Last name: tyerehina
Aka: Irina last name Maltseva
Age: 26
Location: Kazan but it is Novocheboksarsk
Address: Promyshlennaya 10 app.38
Report:     relation by E-mail was very close. She want to come too the Netherlands,but she has not the money to do so therefor I transfer her first 300 euro and later 1200 euro.She tells me she was at the airport where she makes a error not to fild in her report that she has a icon in her bag so she becomes a penalty from 2000 euro. She ask me to send her 800 euro otherwise she can not come to Holland. At that time I do not pay the money. In the following email she tells me her aunt was daing and she must go to Vladivostok and afther that time I do not recieve any letter from her.Is she perhaps in prison or is it all a game.
Status of report: is still without proof