First name: Elena
Age: 25
Location: Pittsburgh
Report:     I would like to know if this is scam. I have received two letters from here the first is as follows: Assalam Aleikum my dear friend!!! How are you??? I am the young and educated girl. I 'm the Muslim girl, and my name is Elena. I'm 25 years old and I live in Russia in beautiful city of St-Petersburg. I have found you on a site of acquaintances and very much I wish to use chance to get acquainted with you. I search for real serious relations for creation of family. I trust, that on the Internet probably to find the love and happiness. Probably you my second half and we can be with you friends. In this letter I'll not write to you much, because I don't know, whether you will answer me. But I shall wait from you for the letter with impatience. I can send my photos to you later and I shall tell about myself more when I shall receive your answer. Please write me on my personal e-mail:, I shall wait. Allah Hafiz. ============= The second: Assalam Aleikum, my new friend Sadibou! I am very glad, that you have answered my letter! As it is glad, that we can continue our acquaintance and study each other more. I hope, what your feelings are mutual under the attitude to me? It is very pleasant for me, to carry out the free time together and to study each other! Now I shall try to tell a little about myself, my friend. Well??? That as you could feel me. I live in Russia, the city of Sankt-Petersburg. My day the Birth on May, 15, 1982. My name Elena. I grew in family the only child. I in family do not have any brother or the sister. Mum for me the most important person in this huge and mad world. I very much love mum and very much I respect. In me of 170 centimeters growth and I at weight of 54 kg. In me light hair and light of blue eyes. I think, what you feel my appearance, my friend? Because I send you the pictures as I shall send much from the pictures, my friend! It will be very pleasant for me to receive as your pictures, my friend. Well, send to me the pictures? I shall wait very much, the my dear friend! I am very grateful to you, that you have answered me. I have told to mum, that my letter was answered with the person abroad. But, mum does not understand acquaintance through the Internet because during their time it was not familiar as. She speaks as, that is very good to get acquainted with the person abroad. I as very badly know, that such the Internet. And in my box there was an address of your mail, my friend. And I have decided to write to you. How you have found mine email the address? There it has been written, that you from agency of acquaintances. For me it not the main thing, main, that now we know each other. Certainly you have written to me very much for a long time. I today am a little tired on To work but as soon as has seen your letter in me the desire has woken up, to work still. I It is grateful to you, that you so have quickly answered my letter....;) In The first I want to tell to you, that my English language Not so good, But I every day study new words and I start to understand more and more Better. I want to tell to you, that acquaintance through internet for me in And I very badly know first time internet. I earlier never knew What is such. I am afraid and very much I worry, that probably I meet Loved and serious people through internet. to understand in internet to me My girlfriend helped me. After I have read your letter, I Has understood, that you very interesting, vigorous person; and with you we shall be Cheerfully to carry out our free time. I search for the man, with which we Let's enjoy together all charm of destiny and I think, that Allah will give To us it! And I ask Allaha that it has helped me to find and meet mine Prince who will love and respect me which will admire Me that it was my second half and loved me. While Me love, and really estimate me, I shall devote my full his life To happiness. It would arrive first of all to my life Through my everyday Actions and expressions, it would know undoubtedly, that I truly like It. I shall try to transfer you of a few information on my city where I live. Saint Petersburg - second-largest The city of Russia. It has been based on May, 16 1703 in Peter I when After a victory over Swedes it has decided to insert a pawn Peter And Floor Fortress on island Harel. Since 18 centuries on The beginning of 20 centuries Sankt-Petersburg was capital of Russia. In 1945, after the Big Internal war, has received the category of city- The hero. Tourists especially like to come to Saint Petersburg in Summer when there there arrives the period of the white nights, they proceed From May, 25 till July, 16. At this time the sun falls in love with horizon is not present It is more, than on 9 degrees, and to become bright at night. Through Neva Will throw the longest bridge of city - the bridge of Alexander Nevskogo's, Length of 909 m. In a city set of the bridges most known about them- Palace. The silhouette two has terminated half of bridge, with thin Thorn of a cathedral of Peter and the Floor sparkling in the middle, for a Long time became a card of city. The prospectus of Neva - central The highway of Saint Petersburg which has a degree of 4260 meters and begins From the Admiralty, coming to an end close Laurels of Alexander-Neva. Movement Along it you will see a building of former trading bank where now There is
Status of report: is still without proof